May Update

This is the first mining report of our project

Welcome to our 1st of May Update

As you know from our previous FA on BEAM, we have been mining it during this last month and we have some results to show you.

We would also like to invite you to join our team in our public discord to keep upto date with all the news and coins we are mining:

The current difficulty is an average of the 2 peaks we experienced during this month, the high around 178,000 and the low around 110,000.

This shows a strong structural support and interest in the network while the price has been slightly more volatile.

We have managed to mine 46,8 BEAM during April and we will keep on mining it until we have a new FA report with other coin worth supporting.

Now we move to the TA ( Trading Analysis ) on BEAM made by our amazing contributors @cryptoknight and @trendtrader


BEAM/BTC 1 Day Chart


BEAM/USDT 1 Day Chart


Hidden Bullish Divergence


In regards to news about BEAM, there have been plenty of exciting this during this last month of April:

Here is the link to their development update.

Beam Meetup in Minsk, Belarus

Beam Boston Meetup, April 25th

Beam Madison Meetup, April 25th

Beam Marquette Meetup, April 26th

Beam Muhabbit Adana Meetup, Turkey, April 27th

Beam Oxford Meetup, April 28th

Blockchain Investors Summit, Seoul, Korea, April 29th

Bright Boson release notes

Android Wallet live on Mainnet

iOS Wallet live on Apple Store

They held an AMA on their discord on the 17th of April

The following Meetups will be held in May:

Beam Webinar, May 4th

Beam Port Harcourt Meetup, Nigeria, May 11th

Beam Hangzhou Meetup, China, May 12th

Consensus NYC, New York City (NY), May 13-15th

Silesia Blockchain Meetup in Katowice, Poland, May 14th

As you can see the BEAM team keeps working at full speed to reach their goals and improve the adoption of their tech.

We are part of this evolution and you can be also by following them on their communication channels or the community Discord.

Best of luck to Beam ;)

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